I am a yoga warrior

Four years ago, I entered the wonderful world of high school. Grade nine was a terrible experience for me, but all years were pretty rough. I was struggling with grades, friends, with who i was, peer pressure, trying to fit in, family problems, being stressed about being on 3 different basketball teams and of course boys.. the list goes on! On top of all of that, the one thing I loved, the only thing I was good at, and made me happy, my one escape from my busy life; Basketball was taken away from me.

I was experiencing pain in my legs, and was told by my doctor if i wanted to continue playing basketball, it would result in many surgeries, and a life full of pain. I was already in so much pain, I would wake up in the morning and cry, and go to sleep crying. It started to be so uncontrollable, and my mom was having a hard time finding money for physio therapy, not that it helped much, so I stopped playing. It honestly broke my heart into a gazillion pieces, but whats even worse, is that I still experience a lot of pain.

All of these things started to add up, I developed severe depression, abusing drugs; everything was going down hill. I got myself into a lot of trouble and have done many things I’m not proud of as well, letting many people down because of my poor actions and choices.

Then, I took my first hot yoga class and it has changed my life completely.
Ever since that day, I go at least once a day. Like most people, the first hot yoga class I took was very challenging. I still remember what I was thinking, “HA NO F’ING WAY.”

But now, I have found peace in my life and I’m a way happier person. It helps with my leg pain, depression, forces me to live a healthier life, and is beneficial for your mind, body and spirit, without the same stress on muscles from sports. If I miss one day of yoga, I can immediately tell in my mood. Yoga also led me to Buddhism, which taught me how to deal with many problems I was being faced with.

All the stress from your day gets left on your yoga mat and you will leave, walking out smiling and feeling great!
If I miss my yoga class, I am the hulk.
If I miss my yoga class, I am full.
If I miss yoga class, my mind is a zoo.
If I miss yoga class, I do not grow.
If I miss yoga class, I miss understanding myself, and the world.