Safety tips for travelers 

Today I woke up to a the beautiful sound and the fresh scent of rainfall. It was bitter-sweet, as it brings me back to last summer when I would wake up every morning to the sound of rain on the tin roof, and being surrounding by the smell of rain as the windows were only screens. 

I remember when I first signed up to go volunteer in the Amazon; all my friends thought I was loosing my mind when I told them I was leaving by myself to adventure around in the worlds biggest and most diverse rainforest. I heard some pretty creative ways, in which I was going to be kidnapped and/or murdered. But was reassured by many who agreed to chip in for ransom deals. Although I was traveling with a well respected volunteer group, and would never be alone; they did have a point. 
Danger is a completely valid reason to be concerned about traveling, but it should never stop one from seeing the world! There are many great lists and resources that can help with ways to keep safe, so I’ve decided to narrow it down by sharing 5 effective safety tips that I believe have been most helpful for my travels.
1) Research everything and anything about both the country and cities or towns you will stay in, pass through, and catch buses at. It doesn’t hurt to keep phone numbers for embassies, or to know information on doctors and hospitals. If your not sure where you will visit, you can always ask hostel staff or other locals to know what to be aware of. 
2) Take a friend with you traveling, or if your going alone, make friends! Social media platforms are great places to start and staying at hostels that are more on the touristy side will help. In my opinion, locals are the better choice of the two. 
3) Avoid using alcohol or drugs while traveling unless you and your belongings are in safe places. If you are using either, find a buddy who is less intoxicated or sober. 
4) Be aware of your surroundings, the people your with, the items you have with you, and what you show to acquaintances or those passing by. 
5) Have a cell phone, a tablet or laptop incase you need to gather information while your in an area. If you don’t have either of these things available try to find an Internet cafe! An alternative too both those is having someone back home, who is willing to search for information that you need.
I hope this will help those preparing to travel or those who are interested for future purposes!
Comment below; What are your most effective tips for safe travels? 

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