How to prepare for a yoga class 

I’m often asked about my ‘before and after yoga routine’ and how I ‘survive’ practicing everyday. There are many aspects to every yoga style and why individuals are able to do the things they do. But most of my capability to frequently practice is because I have been at my studio for 2 years. My body is used to it! I know what to expect from my teachers, and the practice itself. Emotions and how we feel play a big part of how beneficial our yoga will be as well. If we are agitated, restless, or upset it can effect our practice, but if we try to approach our mats with a open and calm mind it can result in many hours of peace! 

Ultimately, how healthy your mind and body is will help with the intensity of your practice. 

So how do we keep our body’s healthy for a yoga session? 

1. Drink lots of water before, during and after. (You should always keep hydrated!!) Electrolights can be used after practice as well.
2. Eat a healthy snack or light meal an hour before your session. 
3. Don’t use any drugs or alcohol the day you practice, or the night before and avoid caffeinated drinks 1-2 hours before you start. 
4. Take your class at your own pace; use props like blocks and straps, and don’t be afraid to ask for assistance from the teacher, especially if your working with an injury.

Please be reminded that it is your practice, try not to compare yourself to those in the room, as every person is on their own path. 

Items to bring to a yoga class;
– Yoga mat (most studios offer mats to rent)
– Towel for mat + face cloth (if in hot yoga) 
– Water bottle (some studios offer fresh clean water)
– Hair ties for long hair **Bring extra!**
– Snack for after class 
– Change of clothes for after class
– Indoor flip flops if preferred instead walking around in bare feet. (Not during practice)

I hope this can help some of you prepare for your practice, and that you have a wonderful yoga journey.

“Yoga is the study of balance, and balance is the aim of all living creatures: it is our home.”



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