love, and travel.

People always ask me why I enjoy traveling so much, and there are so many reasons why.

One of my favorite reasons is because of the people I meet. If I were to stay in the perimeters of my city, I would lose the experience of meeting hundreds of people. I would miss out on hearing hundreds of stories. I would miss the happy warmth I get from smiles because of language barriers. I would miss the opportunity of learning. I would miss out on the kindness and the evilness of the world.

And I think that’s what stops most people; The evilness.

We are afraid of the bad. We are scared of change. We are terrified of loss. When we are feeling this, we must stop and take a breath. We must remind ourselves of the positive possibilities of the chances we take in traveling.

It’s totally okay to be a little scared. It’s even okay to be scared a lot. But we can’t let those feelings get in the way of our opportunities. If we do we limit our wellbeing and our capabilities as humans. We can give so much to the world, and receive so much when we give ourselves the chance!

So travel. Near and far.
Swim in the ocean. Listen to the sounds of a rainforest. See the sunset while camping in the mountains. Learn more than 2 languages. And meet as many people as you can!

Please remember that each person you meet will change you some way, and each person who meets you, will be changed by you. So spread positivity, love, peace, kindness and happiness, to all you encounter. ~


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