Yoga every damn day

If there’s one thing I think everyone should do at least once a week, it is yoga! A lot of people are misconceived by what they’ve heard about yoga; It’s easy, it’s boring, you need to be flexible or be a certain weight to participate; but all of that’s untrue. Anyone can do yoga, no matter age, size or lack of flexibility! Even pregnant and injured people are encouraged to attend classes regularly. Yoga is beneficial to your mind, body and spirit, while lacking the same harmful stress sports put on our muscles!

There are 17 different styles of yoga, but over the years, many teachers have adopted and transformed these styles into ones that fit their needs. Whether you like being a hot, sweaty mess, or if you like to take it slow and soar through the air, there is a class type out there that fits you!! Even if you already have your favorite sport or fitness activity, it’s great to attend yoga to balance out your muscles and joints; which leads to better performances! It’s also great for injury prevention too, by working all the small muscles, that you didn’t even know you had! Yoga isn’t all about stretching either, it’s about strength, awareness, balance, patience, growing and many other things – it’s a never ending challenge or learning experience. Every time you leave your mat, you leave all the bad vibes and experiences of your day on it; you’ll feel better leaving than you did coming!

I could sit here and type up a generic list of reasons why yoga is good for you, but I think you should try it out and learn for yourself 🙂 GO GO GO!! Whether you practice at a studio, with a DVD or even following a practice off YouTube; it’s all yoga and all contributes to you living a happier, healthier lifestyle ☺️


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